I'm Kay, I draw fanart and pretend I can write. Current fandoms: Glee and Teen Wolf.

Back from the grave! 

Hello beautiful people <3

I’m back to say that I’m moving over to my art tumblr almost exclusively. ( here if you want to check it out, I’ve just started posting on it) I post original art, including ladies and supernatural creatures, and will probably post some fan art like GoT and roosterteeth and pretty much anything I’m excited about that isn’t Glee. 

I’m sad to officially leave the glee fandom because it helped me through a lot and I met people who lit up my life, who made me smile despite the woes of RL. There’s something about banding together to just be excited about a silly tv show and to create art and fic together that is so satisfying. 

Feel free to unfollow this blog since I doubt I’ll post very much on it. I might randomly post on my fic tumblr sometime (if only because I have things mostly written and finished and they might be posted as WIP). 

Thanks again to the Kurtbastian fandom for being so excellent and to all the friends I made, to all the people I’ve talked to who are interesting and kind and just plain awesome. You mean more to me than I can articulate. Seriously. I love you guys <3

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Watch Me Fall, GoT!Kurtbastian, NC-17 


Title: Watch Me Fall

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian

Word Count: 3000+

Summary: GoT AU.  Kurt’s starting to regret his decision to capture the famed only son of house Smythe.

A/N: The result of too many Brienne and Jaime Lannister feelings. Mild knife play and sex with one of them tied up. 

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Listening to Artpop over sounds of rain and getting ready to post GoT!Kurtbastian. Look at this productivity!

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”Starchild” vs. Elliot

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some kurt/elliott fanart with kurt taking elliot’s glasses  ♥
"I look pretty dumb, don’t I." "You look cute, actually." (๑&gt;ᴗ&lt;๑)


some kurt/elliott fanart with kurt taking elliot’s glasses  

"I look pretty dumb, don’t I." "You look cute, actually." (๑>ᴗ<๑)

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